Benefits of Having Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments from Dentists in Theodore, AL

Benefits of Having Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments from Dentists in Theodore, AL

Many people who are interested in enhancing their smile may be considering tooth whitening treatments. This type of treatment has become increasingly popular, as there are now many treatment kits that can be used in the comfort of one’s own home. While some of these retail kits can provide a person with some improvement to the look of their teeth, to achieve the best whitening available, it is generally best to see dentists in Theodore, AL for professional treatments.

Most at home dental whitening kits, will produce some results. However, they often can take much longer than a professional treatment can. In addition, these types of treatments must often be applied to the teeth several times, which can result in additional kits needing to be purchased to achieve the whitening levels a person desires. Some treatment kits also contain harsh abrasives, which can cause damage to the teeth as well.

Seeing dentists in Theodore, AL can eliminate many of these issues. A dentist will be able to use professional strength products, which can result in much less time, spent for the procedure. The higher concentration of whitening product also makes it easier to achieve whiter teeth with less product as well. Many times a patient may only need one whitening treatment with their dentist to achieve whiter and brighter teeth.

When a patient visits West Mobile Dental Care offices for whitening treatments they will often be fitted for a dental tray to be used in the application of the whitening product. This can often be a great benefit over a retail kit. Most kits contain trays, but they are a standard size, which means some of a person’s teeth may not get the same amount of product applied to them. In addition, since the tray does not always fit well the application may not be as successful as if they are able to use a tray that is custom fitted.

A dental office also will have laser lights or heat lamps, which can further enhance not only the speed of the whitening agent but also its effectiveness. This is because these lights or lamps will activate the product so that it begins to work more efficiently at whitening and brightening the patient’s teeth.

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