Being on a Low-Income and Getting a Free Smartphone in Missouri

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You do not have to be without a cell phone if you are struggling financially. According to the American government, U.S. citizens have the right to phone service regardless of income. And there are programs out there that can help you. Look into Lifeline Phone Service Providers in Missouri.

More than Just Making Phone Calls

Thanks to the Lifeline program, many low-income Americans have had access to affordable communications services. But there have been changes throughout the years in these services. So those who qualify can now even obtain free internet service on their mobile devices. This was accomplished through the Affordable Connectivity Program. This means that you can get free broadband internet. Consider the Lifeline Phone Service Providers in Missouri. Once you become part of the program, you will receive free minutes and data. The free services will be renewed every month. However, if you run out of services, you can obtain refills. Every single state in the USA offers unique deals.

Getting Involved in the Process

There are different qualification requirements. It all depends on your individual circumstances. You can qualify, for instance, if you are receiving Federal Public Housing Assistance. You also qualify if you are enrolled in Medicaid or receive food stamps. The application process is also simple and takes about three minutes to complete. Regarding the phones, you can choose from Samsung to Google. There are over 20 types of cell phones available. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an option. The Samsung Galaxy A10E is also available. Contact

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