Been in an Accident With a Semi? Contact a Greenbelt Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

No one really thinks twice about semi-trucks. Everyone drives alongside them every day without considering what would happen in an accident. Yet, the semi is a vehicle with a large amount of mass, and physics are not in its favor when it comes to being able to stop quickly. Combine that with drivers who don’t follow the federal rules, operators who push their drivers beyond legal limits and tired drivers and you get a serious accident waiting to happen. A Greenbelt Truck Accident has the potential to severely change the lives of those who are involved in one.

A Greenbelt Truck Accident is nothing like a regular car accident. The sheer mass of the semi can crush a car like a soda can. Modern safety design being what it is, it’s more likely that the occupants are going to survive the collision than not. However, the odds of sustaining serious injuries go up, and those injuries can severely impact the quality of life.

Sometimes, it’s bad judgment on the part of the car driver that causes the accident. People tend to not exercise caution around larger vehicles because of complacency. Other times, it’s the driver of the semi that causes the accident because of, again, bad judgment. Only in this situation, all it takes is one bad decision to cause a lot of pain to many people.

It’s a bad decision for a semi-truck operator to drive when tired. Sometimes it’s difficult to stand up against pressures when a paycheck is at stake. As strange as it may sound, sometimes it’s more than just the driver who is responsible for the accident. Violating federal safety rules is a serious offense, and entirely avoidable.

After an accident has happened, the first goal is to heal up, then talk to a lawyer about filing suit. As much as you may not feel like doing so because you still hurt, it’s important. You have bills now, are going to have bills later, and you can’t rely on the offenders to take care of them for you. It takes the skills of the attorney to work on creating a settlement that takes care of all of your needs for now and the future.

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