Be a Good Roommate by Following These Student Apartment Rules of Etiquette

Renting IUPUI student housing with roommates can be an enjoyable experience, but it is important for everyone to follow basic roommate etiquette. There are certain rules that are in place to ensure everyone is comfortable in their apartment. If you want to be a good roommate, be sure to keep the following rules of etiquette in mind.

Show Consideration With Volume

Your roommates may not be on the same study or sleep schedule as everyone else, so it is important to show consideration when watching television, listening to music, or entertaining guests. If you know someone is studying or sleeping, keep your media and voices down to avoid disturbing them.

Clean up Your Own Mess

You should always clean up your own mess when sharing IUPUI student housing with roommates. The last thing your roommates want to do is deal with your food wrappers, crumpled paper, or dirty laundry. It is one thing to share chores with your roommates, but it is another thing to leave your mess for someone else.

Do Not Touch Their Food

It is important to never touch their food without their permission, especially if they have put their name on it. You may have pitched in for basic household groceries, but your roommates may have bought additional food or snacks that are not fair game. They may have bought food for their lunch between classes or because they are on a specific diet.

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