Bathroom Upgrades

If your home or business has a degraded or poorly functional bathroom, then it is time to upgrade. The plumbing fixtures, tile and cabinets in bathrooms are damaged by frequent use along with moisture and humidity. You may notice that the items in a bathroom are falling apart, but rather than simply replacing the items, you can change the bathroom design in Naperville. Imagine having a new floor plan that is more functional for using the bathroom’s fixtures so that you will understand why hiring expert designers are essential for your bathroom renovation.

Add Specialty Cabinets to a Bathroom

When your home’s bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, a great designer can determine how to add additional cabinets to the floors and walls. With better cabinets that have systems such as drawers and shelves, you can organize all of the health and beauty care products that your family uses. In addition, you can have lockable cabinets in higher locations to store cleaning supplies or medications. You may want a special vanity with a lighted mirror so that you can apply makeup or style your hair while sitting down.

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A bathroom design for Naperville senior citizens or wheelchair users can make the space more functional. A designer can create a design that has lower countertops with easier to use faucets on the bathtubs or sinks. If you need handrails throughout a bathroom, then the design team can install these items at the proper height for safer access to the toilets, sinks or bathtubs. We can also install additional lighting fixtures to make it easier to see while in a windowless bathroom. For additional information about expert bathroom design in Naperville, contact River Oak Cabinetry & Design.

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