Bath Toys Make Great Baby Shower Gifts

Bath Toys Make Great Baby Shower Gifts

When you give a gift at a baby shower, it is a way to show the new parents that you are excited for their new delivery. The best kinds of gifts that you can offer are those that a parent can use every day. Gift baskets are simple and functional, and a great way to combine several things into one package. A great way to give a gift basket is to put some thought into the theme.

Make it Unique

One unique idea is to take an infant tub and fill it with items that are essential to bath time. For example, you could include soap, lotion, shampoo, towels, infant bath toys, diapers and wash cloths. These toys will grow with the baby during the first year. Toys inspire a child to release their imagination.

Another idea is to take a hamper or even a laundry basket. You can put socks, hats, clothing, blankets, shoes, onesies, and undershirts inside. You can even include some bath towels, wash cloths, andbath toys, as well.

Medical Baskets

You could also include infant bath toys in a basket that includes medical measuring spoons, teething rings, combs, brushes, nail clippers, and a thermometer. This is a great way for you to mix all different kinds of items that are useful into one great package. Another idea is to buy a diaper bag and stash it full of diapers, clothing, and toys that range in sizes for the first twelve months. Gifts like this have a positive impact on the new baby over a longer period of time.

Gift baskets are also practical when larger groups of people are giving a present as a group. This way everyone involved can contribute something that is unique. You can include all kinds of items that can help meet the baby’s needs as they grow. You can include items for different age ranges and infant bath toys that they can use at different stages as they grow into toddler stages.

The best part of a gift basket is the presentation. You can tie a varied amount of gifts together by adding your own personal touches throughout. Gift baskets are the best kinds of presents that you can give to highlight a special day.

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