Bamboo Blinds Make Beautiful and Practical Window Treatments

by | May 8, 2012 | Home And Garden

Bamboo blinds are the ideal window covering for your home. Not only are they easy to use and attractive, but they are inexpensive to purchase. In addition, bamboo blends in well with a wide variety of decorative styles. It doesn’t matter if you like contemporary or traditional design, bamboo can work well with both.

Bamboo blinds are easy to clean which makes them perfect for people that have allergies to dust or pollen. In order to clean the blinds, simply dust with a damp rag or dust cloth. You can easily clean the blinds while they are hanging from the windows. With curtains, you need to take the curtains down, wash them, iron them, and then re-hang them. If you like low-maintenance furnishings, you will really love bamboo blinds.

Because the blinds are made by hand, no two sets are exactly alike. This means that your home will be unique. When you decorate with curtains and other window coverings, you will not be purchasing a unique product, but rather a mass produced product that can be purchased at numerous stores in a number of locations.

In addition, bamboo is very sturdy and can be used for quite a while without worrying about the bamboo breaking or becoming damaged. Other blinds may tear or crack after a short amount of time. Because of this, you will get the maximum amount of use out of your purchase.

There are different types of bamboo blinds. The most popular type of window treatment using bamboo are woven wood blinds. If you want to block out more light, you will probably want to purchase woven bamboo blinds with privacy lining.

Traditional bamboo blinds are very easy to operate. Simply raise or lower the blinds using the twine cord attached to the slats of the blind.

Bamboo blinds are the perfect window covering. They are all natural, unique, and inexpensive. With proper treatment, the blinds will last just as long as—or longer than plastic blinds. Bamboo blinds can be purchased in many styles from a variety of online retailers, as well as in regular furniture stores.

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