Bail Bonds & Notary Services in Freestone County, Texas: A Basic Guide

One doesn’t always associate the local bail bonds process with notary services in Freestone County, Texas. However, there are several reasons why notary services are advisable during the bail bonds process.

A Reputable, Legal Witness

A notary public is a Secretary of State-appointed witness. A notarized document retains legal weight because the notary public confirms the identity of the people who signed the document and presented them for notarization. This is the “acknowledgment.”

The notary public applies his/her official signature to the document after the acknowledgment. This is notarization. It’s powerful in court because the notary public’s signature corresponds to his/her official signature on file with the Secretary of State.

Bail Bonds & Notarization

When defendants or third parties apply for bail bonds, the bond agent may engage a notary public for an acknowledgement. This acknowledgment benefits the defendant and third parties, as well as the bond agent.

If paying for the bail bond calls for a special payment plan or the presentation of collateral, an acknowledged document bearing notarized signatures protects the interests of all parties involved.

Bail Bonds: Costs, Payments

In Texas, bail bond costs range from 10 to 15 percent of full court-imposed bail. This cost is nonrefundable, serving as the bond agent’s fee. The cost can be paid for with credit cards, checks, and cash. Cash discounts and payment plans are a viable option that helps lessen the burden of the full bail bond cost.

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