Baby Clothing That “Fits” the Lifestyle

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Shopping

We usually think of adults and teenagers having lifestyles, but what about babies? From the day they are born, babies live a certain way also, which is naturally directly connected to the lifestyle of the parents. However, even infants begin to show personal preferences early in life. For example, many babies refuse to wear anything on their heads. Despite being unable to talk, they make it clear with grimaces and fussy behavior that the cap has to go. As a result, parents must be prepared to accommodate clothing preferences exhibited by babies as they develop their own “lifestyles.”

Unfortunately, there is no way to know what a baby will like or not like. As mentioned, there are infants that absolutely refuse to wear a cap of any kind. They get quite grouchy until the cap is removed. Some babies do not like their legs to be covered by a blanket and will quickly kick it off. Parents can try over and over again to put caps on or wrap the baby in a blanket, and they always get the same results.

Always Prepared

These early signs of a developing lifestyle are usually remembered by doting moms later in life. In the meantime, they must be prepared with a variety of clothing to accommodate the baby’s preferences. There are some clothing items that every household with an infant, or that is expected a baby to soon join the family, should have on hand.

First, baby bodysuits are a necessity. Bodysuits with nickel free snaps that make diaper changing easy are essential baby clothing. The ideal versions are 100 percent certified organic cotton, washable, and come in long and short sleeve styles. They are popular because they are comfortable, soft, and easy to put on and take off. Many moms can claim a whole dresser drawer full of bodysuits, and some are personalized with the baby’s name.

Bodysuits are not designed to be worn at night. They also do not have legs, so the baby must stay covered with a blanket to stay warm while sleeping. Since babies sleep up to eighteen hours each day for several months, you will want to have soft, comfortable pajamas and clothing. Many mothers prefer the pajamas without feet because baby feet can outgrow them before the body outgrows the pajamas. Instead, you can buy plenty of socks and booties.

Ready for Whatever Comes

Hats or caps should be kept on hand also. Hopefully the infant will wear one during outings without making a fuss. The caps protect tender heads and help regulate body temperature by preventing body heat loss through the scalp. This is true during hot or cold months. However, in the winter the cap can cover the ears to keep them warm also.

In addition to the essential baby clothing items mentioned, mom will want to have plenty of t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and pants. By having all of these clothing items on hand, the baby is ready for whatever lifestyle the family lives. For example, avid exercisers often take their babies out for a walk in a stroller or run while pushing a jogging stroller. When it is time to head outdoors, all mom has to do is reach for warm clothing. Eventually, the baby will make likes and dislikes clear to mom, but in the meantime she is ready with clothing suitable for all types of weather and events.

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