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During the year 2020, many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Non-essential jobs shut down. It was a devastating time. Since then, the economy has been slowly recovering and jobs have been slowly coming back. Auto body tech jobs near Minneapolis have always remained in demand. They are a necessity. Only certified and trained professionals can work as auto body technicians.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

There is a surplus of jobs for auto body technicians in the greater Minneapolis area. If you are new to the area or simply looking to switch your career path, you can find auto body tech jobs by searching online. The median pay for auto body tech jobs near Minneapolis is approximately 26 dollars per hour. You will find that for entry-level auto technician jobs, the pay is slightly lower, while for those with years of experience, the pay is slightly higher.

Do I Need Training?

You will need training to become an auto body technician. Training programs are relatively affordable and are offered throughout the year. Training will include hands-on practice as well as instructional class time. You will need to pass the courses and the exams to graduate with your auto body technician certification. Some training programs offer scholarships. Scholarships do not have to be paid back. Scholarships are awarded based on different factors. If you are interested in a scholarship, you should speak with local labor trade schools and find out what the application process is and requires.

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