Assisted Living Can Help You Keep Your Independence

As people age some of the things that they used to do in life becomes much harder. Taking care of a houseand yard are usually among the first things that go. They often are able to compensate in these areas by hiring someone to come in and perform this type of work. They may also begin to have difficulty with some of the activities of their daily living. These may include things such as dressing, bathing, cooking and getting back and forth to appointments. Home may become a place that is no longer safe because of the hazards that can be involved when you are home alone. It is during these times that families may want to consider Assisted Living.

Assisted Living communities are often misunderstood. For so many years people did not have the choices that they now have for senior living. The only type of care that was available outside of the home was convalescent care which was obtained in a nursing home. This is still what many seniors picture when they are told about other levels of care outside of the home. This is not the case with Orchard Crest Retirement Community.

When you live in Spokane WA, they will provide the level of care that the senior needs. They will assist with the activities of daily living that the senior may be having difficulties with while allowing them to maintain their independence in all other areas. Meals are a part of the package at Spokane WA. The senior no longer has to worry about cooking or grocery shopping. They will assist in ensuring that the senior is able to get to appointments as well as other places they want to go in the community. There are weekly outings to new and different places. The best part of all is that the seniors will be surrounded by other seniors with whom they will have a lot in common. There are always plenty of activities to engage in and people to hang out with and talk to. When home is no longer a safe place to remain, seniors owe it to themselves to explore other options.

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