Are You Scaring Away Your Customers?

Are You Scaring Away Your Customers?

You’ve likely spent a lot of time setting up and designing your e-commerce site. The moment it went live, you got you the “kid-on-Christmas feeling.” You waited excitedly for your first customer to arrive. Perhaps that initial customer never came, or maybe you expected more sales, much sooner. Whatever the reason, you’ve scoured the web looking for Volusion custom design tips in order to find out what went wrong. Here are some of the most common things people unintentionally do that scares off their customers.

Information Overload

You have a lot of great stuff you want to showcase, plus several indispensable add-ons and plug-ins that are designed to make your homepage pop. You’ve taken the initiative to try out some Volusion custom design techniques on your own, and while that’s admirable, it could be killing your load times. If your customers have to wait more than a couple of seconds for add-on codes, videos and fancy Flash displays to load, you’re scaring them away. Try cutting back to only essential items and maybe one or two elements designed for fun to make your site run smoother, so people stick around once it has loaded.

Cumbersome Content

When people are really excited about something, their passion shows in their writing. This can be a double-edged sword, because it can cause them to ramble or give too much information. If your customers can’t easily tell what your site is about or how to use it without reading a ton, they’re probably getting scared off. Limit the amount of text you have, to keep people browsing. If you really enjoy writing or have a lot to say, supplement with additional pages to your site, like an “About Us” section or a blog.

Illogical Navigation

We live in an instant-gratification world. When people have to pause to figure out what to click, to get where they want to go, they often leave. While it’s important for customers to have easy access to all the most commonly-used pages, take care to provide them in an expected manner and not in excess. Having a single solid navigation menu, paired with a few buttons to streamline processes, is ideal.

Your e-commerce site should make perfect sense to you. After all, you designed it. However, it’s even more important that it’s simple enough for everyone else to use as well. As you browse your pages, stop to ponder if a child could use it. Additionally, you can enlist the help of honest friends and family to provide a wide array of feedback that can assist you and correct the areas they have trouble with. If you’re unsure how to correct the issues, or you want a truly professional look that customers can use with ease, consider hiring 1Digital Agency a Volusion custom design expert, to perfect your customer experience.

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