Are You Looking For An ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) In Maui?

If you live in a remote area away from main drainage and sewage systems, it is important that you have a solution for waste water and organic waste. Though many people have septic tanks for this purpose, this is not always possible or even desirable. The good news is that technology has advanced significantly in the area of human waste management, and it is now possible to have one of the best ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) in Maui installed.

What Is Aerobic Treatment Of Waste?

Science has known for a long time that many microorganisms in our environment can break down solid waste. In fact, these microorganisms live in the soil, the rivers, and the streams. They do a very important job; they clean up toxins and digest other materials so that the water is clean. It is nature’s own way of treating and cleaning waste water. So how do they work for us in one of the modern ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units)?

This tank-like units contain millions of enzymes and microorganisms that break down human waste material. As the waste enters the tank, it is broken down by enzymes and then fed upon by millions of microorganisms. This process not only breaks down the solid matter, but it also traps harmful bacteria from the waste and takes it out of the remaining waste water.

A Natural Method of Cleaning Water

In this sense ATU (Aerobic Treatments Units) are a perfectly natural treatment option for people and businesses who have no septic tank. Advances in human waste treatment means that anyone can have an ATU installed where there is minimal or no access to the main sewage system. Companies such as Valley Isle Pumping can provide advanced ATU systems that will fill the needs of many people. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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