Antique John Deere Tractor Parts for an Interesting Trend Among Farmers

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An interesting trend has developed over the years in regard to the tractor purchasing habits of the nation’s farmers. They increasingly search for vintage and even antique models that are in good working order or that can be restored. Those who buy the older models will eventually need to find vintage and antique John Deere tractor parts to keep the machinery running.

Lower Cost for Purchase and Repair

Newer tractors are vastly more expensive to buy than the old-fashioned versions are. They also are significantly more expensive to repair. Many farmers want basic equipment without 21st-century upgrades. They also find traditional models to be more reliable and even more durable. They trust the brand name Deere for its history of quality and innovation.

Some farmers want older John Deere equipment for the nostalgic factor. However, most seem to agree that the lower cost for purchasing, maintenance and repair is of primary appeal. A modern tractor can cost two to four times as much as a vintage model that will get the same work done effectively.

Auctions see strong demand for Deere equipment manufactured before 1980. With many farmers finding the career to be a financial challenge, they need to make smart decisions about equipment purchases.

Doing One’s Own Repair Work

The ability to do one’s own repair work is a priority for many owners of agricultural property. This can be very difficult or impossible with computerized equipment. In contrast, repairing and even restoring an older tractor can be a very cost-effective choice.

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