Animal Removal Madison Presents Tips for Keeping Skunks Off Properties

Animal Removal Madison Presents Tips for Keeping Skunks Off Properties

Skunks are fearless because of their natural stinky weaponry. They also have sharp teeth and may carry rabies. If you have a skunk on your property, do not try to remove it yourself. Skunks can inflict serious injuries with claws, musk and teeth. Contact an Animal Removal Madison professional. To prevent skunks from getting into your property, follow these tips.

Repair Broken Windows and Doors

Skunks can wiggle into tight spaces going after prey or trying to find a den. Make sure all of your windows and doors are in good shape. Check the doors of any outbuildings as well. Also check any hardwire mesh fencing for holes or wear. Make repairs when necessary. Since skunks are nocturnal, it’s best to all of these checks during the day.

Make Your Yard Unattractive to Skunks

Skunks make their homes in areas which provide them ample food and shelter. By removing these two items, skunks that wander onto your property will soon wander off on their own. Clean up any spilled birdseed, fallen fruit from trees or pet food before dark. Keep garbage in a metal container with a lid. Remove piles of brush, leaves stones or other debris. Mow lawns to keep skunks and their prey from hiding in tall grasses. Trim shrubs and bushes so branches do not touch the ground and crate a makeshift shelter.

Check Holes for Skunks

If you have holes under mobile homes, porches, sheds, decks, chicken coops or other areas, there is a good chance that skunks are living underground. The safest way to check for the presence of skunks is to leave a thick coating of flour in front of the hole. Check the next day for footprints. If there are footprints, then you have skunks. Contact an Animal Removal expert at once.

Block Off Skunk Den Areas

Skunks love to dig, especially under sheds, mobile homes, porches, decks and chicken coops. Keep them from getting onto these places by sealing them with inch hardwire mesh. Place this at least six inches into the ground to discourage skunks from digging under the mesh.

Contact an animal remover professional in Madison to prevent skunks from getting into your property. Visit for more information

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