All About the Genie with Direct TV in Des Moines

All About the Genie with Direct TV in Des Moines

If you have already had the direct tv Des Moines professionals from Big Dog Satellite come out to your home and put up your dish, then you already know the difference between satellite and cable. What you might not know much about is the company’s incomparable genie. If you are considering getting this supposed innovative invention, then there a few things that you will want to consider first; keep reading for a few of them. Get in touch with Big Dog Satellite for more details.

First off, the Genie is only available from Direct TV. It is a state-of-the-art HD DVR that will allow you to watch full HD DVR service from anywhere in your home. The DVR system is constantly being compared to the Dish TV’s Hopper, and oftentimes comes out on top. With this system the direct tv Des Moines professional will hook the Genie to one TV and the HD DVR services will be available on other TV’s in the home as well.
Other perks that you can expect to receive with the Genie are:

* The ability to record up to five shows at one time, with each one being in HD. So you will have no more recording conflicts.

* You can record up to 200 hours of content, so you shouldn’t have to keep deleting your favorite shows to make room for the others that you want to watch.

* You must have a mini or a Direct TV ready TV in each room that you wish to have DVR service in.

* You will have access to the entire Direct TV On Demand shows and movies.

You can do everything from your remote concerning the Genie, and it even has Smart TV capabilities. You have to schedule anything you want to record manually, as most people aren’t going to go solely on the Genies suggestions. All in all, the Genie is a great way to add to your Direct TV programming, and if you have a houseful of people who love to watch TV, then this is something you should check into. It’s a great way to make sure that no one in your home has to miss their favorite shows ever again. Visit for more information.

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