Air Condition Grand Haven Troubleshooting

Air Condition Grand Haven Troubleshooting

Finding the right professional to repair your Air Condition Grand Haven can be a daunting task. However, there are certain DIY steps you can take before contacting a contractor. These will help save you plenty of money, even though it may take up some of your time. So, if you have some time to spare, here are some tips to help you repair your air conditioning unit.

One of the first, and most important steps everyone should take, is routine maintenance. Air filters should be changed monthly. However, if you feel that you cannot perform this task, leave it to the professionals.

Many people have the tendency to overreact when cool air is not coming out of the vents. Sometimes, they forget to check the thermostat to see if it is switched to “cool.” If it is not, then there is your problem! It may seem very silly, but this is usually the first thing that your HVAC technician will check.

If your thermostat is on cool, but you still do not have cold air, go outside and check the outside unit. This is so you can check the fan to see if it is running properly. If it is not, check your breakers. If you notice that the breakers have not been tripped, the problem may lie with the control board, wiring, or the thermostat itself.

Another issue that Air Condition Grand Haven may have is condensation pumps. Sometimes the reservoir pumps are low, causing the air conditioner to flip a “limit” switch. However, if the pump is full, the reservoir might need to be replaced.

If the blower is not working, but the fan outside is, chances are high that the motor to the blower has gone bad. It could also be the capacitor or the control board.

If the fan outside is not working, but the blower inside is, shut the unit power off and contact your HVAC technician.

For more information about air conditioning, or to inquire about heating issues, contact Refrigeration Heating & Cooling today. The professionals will be able to help you with all your heating and cooling and needs, no matter the size or emergency.

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