Advantages of Buying Used Cars OKC Has Available

Advantages of Buying Used Cars OKC Has Available

If you’re in the market for a car, you may be torn between buying a brand new vehicle or shopping for Used Cars OKC has to offer. If you have the money saved or can easily afford car payments, buying a new ride may be an appealing option. However, buying a pre-owned car comes with several advantages that make this a wise choice, especially if buying new would cause you any financial difficulties. Visit website for more information.

You should be able to get an excellent used car for much less than you would pay for the same or a similar model brand new. If you’re willing to go with a car or truck that has higher mileage, you may be able to find the vehicle model you want for half the price of the new version. If you can, bring someone you know who is savvy about auto mechanics to take a look under the hood and under the chassis. He can confirm that the car is in great shape.

Because a pre-owned car is significantly lower in price than a comparable new model, you probably will find it easier to pay for the vehicle in cash. That gives you the option of not choosing collision coverage in your automotive insurance, which makes your insurance premiums less expensive. Before deciding whether to forego collision insurance, however, determine whether you will be able to pay for auto body repair or a replacement vehicle if yours is seriously damaged in an accident.

You might be worried about depreciation connected with a new car purchase, and for good reason. A new vehicle typically depreciates by nearly 50 percent in the first three years, according to Consumer Reports. Over the next three years, depreciation drops to about half that. This can be an important consideration if you don’t plan to keep the car for many years.

If you’re concerned about reliability, consider a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership such as Knippelmier Chevrolet. As of 2014, vehicles that qualify for this General Motors program are cars and trucks that are no older than a 2009 model and have fewer than 75,000 miles. Strict standards in regard to the vehicle’s condition as well as limited warranties and other owner benefits help guarantee customer satisfaction.

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