Add Value With Custom Neck Wallets

Add Value With Custom Neck Wallets

One of the most important things to consider when trying to find ways to set your event, conference, gathering or meeting apart from others is that thinking outside of the box is important. While many organizers choose custom lanyards, which are a very good option, they are not the only way to provide attendees with a way to display their name and show that they are a part of the event.

Custom neck wallets, which are sometimes also listed and custom neck pouches or event pouches, are a terrific way to give all the attendees a true value added gift. These custom neck wallets have a clear plastic credit card holder style with a top flap that seals the pouch compartment for secure storage.

Customizing Options

There are so many different ways to work with custom neck wallets to make them uniquely identifiable to your event. The top flap can be custom printed with your company or organization name, logo or contact information, you can choose what information is most important for your clientele. In addition you can also select from a variety of fonts, allowing your text design to match or compliment the text used on your website, company name or on your printed material for the event.

Colors that Dazzle on Custom Neck Wallets

Colors and logo are so important in branding and customer identification with a particular company and brand. Just think of the golden arches, the Nike swish or any other iconic logo and color combination in the world today. Adding your company logo and name and using company colors is a great way to add value for your customers and keep your name in their mind.

After the Event

One of the biggest advantages to custom neck wallets is that they are so useful after the event. They are a great take along when jogging, at the beach or when you don’t have any pockets but need to carry some cash, keys or credit cards.

With your company name and logo the promotional custom neck wallets every time your customer or an attendee at the event uses the pouch in the future, your company name will be front and center. This is the kind of marketing that is hard to find and will definitely add value to your next event.

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