Accused of Family Violence? Protect Yourself From Possible Discrimination.

Accused of Family Violence? Protect Yourself From Possible Discrimination.

If you have a history of family violence on your record, it can result in you being discriminated against by housing authorities, employers, and other institutions, long after you have repaid your debt to society. That is why it is essential to hire a family violence attorney Austin in order to ensure that your ability to find a job or get a roof over your head is protected in the future.

Family violence is characterized by the infliction of a violent attack against another member of one’s household. It can also involve two people who are simply dating. In a family violence case in Austin, the accuser cannot drop the charges after he or she submits them. Once an individual is accused, his or her hands are tied. He or she cannot rely on the accuser to withdraw a claim. Instead of the accuser taking the accused to court, the police department files the charges against the accused, eliminating the accuser from the equation entirely. Because of this structure it is even more imperative that an accused individual quickly find representation from a family violence attorney in Austin who can successfully defend his or her rights.

In many cases, a protective order may be issued against the accused, based solely on the actions of the police department. These orders generally entail requiring the accused to stay away from the accuser at all times, which can complicate things if there are children involved in the relationship. These are imposed before a conviction even occurs, and if the accused does not acquire proper representation it is possible that information about protective orders and violent acts may stay on his or her record in the future, complicating matters when he or she seeks jobs or housing or credit from institutions which require disclosure of such information.

Not only do family violence attorneys in Austin help protect the accused from sometimes severe punishments but they help protect their future from “collateral damages” that are a result of having a record that results in discrimination. If you have family violence on your record you may face up to one year in jail, more years of probation, as well as a bad record which may impede job searches or housing applications. Furthermore, in Texas you will not be allowed to purchase or own a firearm for at least five years. Even if you successfully complete probation, you will have a record of family violence for the remainder of your life.

An employer or a landlord can easily discriminate against you if you have family violence on your record. If you are arrested for family violence in some states employers can terminate you as a result. A landlord can choose to evict you or refuse to rent to you. This is why it is imperative that if you are facing family violence accusations that you immediately seek legal protection from a family violence attorney in Austin who can manage your case and ensure that you have all of the help that you can get to protect your freedom and your livelihood.
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