A Workplace Injury Lawyer in Washington, PA Represents Clients During Claim Disputes

Many people have either a difficult time getting their workers’ compensation claim approved, or they feel pressured to return to work before they are ready. It’s no wonder there are so many online message boards dedicated entirely to people trying to figure out how to proceed. Some of them hire a workplace injury lawyer in Washington, PA for legal representation because their financial struggle is so great while being unable to work that they need extra help.

Conflicting Exam Results

The workers’ compensation insurance provider may insist on an independent physical exam at some point. The results may conflict with what the person’s healthcare practitioner has reported. The person’s doctor might be viewed as susceptible to being sympathetic to a patient who has been in their care for many years. In this case, the individual might be told to return to work even if the injury is still causing problems.

Avoiding Employment Termination

If the employee refuses, the risk of termination from the job is possible. This is usually not the case when workers’ comp is ongoing, but employers can fire employees who will not return to work after a doctor clears them to do so. In this situation, a workplace injury lawyer in Washington, PA can step in and make sure the client is not terminated and that benefits continue to be paid.

Taking Legal Action

Taking legal action to obtain the compensation the worker deserves can be quite scary because, usually, individuals do not want to worsen the rift with the employer. A lawyer from an organization such as Woomer & Talarico LLC will protect the client’s rights under the relevant laws. People should not have valid claims denied and should not feel forced to come back to work full-time when they know this could very well worsen their physical condition.

Financial Settlement and Retraining

If the employee is never able to return to their previous job, and the employer does not have another person that’s suitable for the injured person’s job, the workers’ compensation insurer is supposed to pay a settlement in this case, and payment for retraining may be provided. Anyone dealing with these situations can schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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