A Wall Organizer for Tools is Perfect for a Garage

by | May 6, 2013 | Business

Besides for parking a car, the next most common use for a garage is to store tools. Over the years, most homeowners collect more and more tools. Eventually, their garage becomes overrun with tools. Now the tools are expensive so getting rid of some of the tools is usually not an option. What they can consider is devising a plan to better organize their tools. The solution is a shelving system for a tool wall organizer.

Accessories for Wall Shelves Make Organizing Easy

This is way more than a wall of shelves for holding tools. There are actually a lot of different accessories that are designed to hold certain tools. They can hold everything from large yard tools to small hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. These accessories will help to maximize the use of available wall space for the organization of a person’s tools.

Hooks are the most common accessory for a tool wall organizer. These are often used for holding items that already have a handle with a hole in the end of it. This makes it easy to just slide the handle of the tool right over the hook for easy wall hanging. Along a similar line is the coat rack, which is, basically, a series of hooks in a row.

Another item that is popular for a tool wall is a fishing rod holder. These hang from the wall and have a hollow cylinder. The hollow cylinder is where the back end of the fishing rod is inserted. Any person that has a large collection of fishing rods knows that these can get very tangled in a hurry if they are not stored in an organized manner.

A third popular option to go on the wall is called the U hook. The most common type of U hook is the double U hook. These are designed to hold the flared ends to yard tools, as well as any type of wide shaped tool. They often come with a rubberized end on them to better grip the handles of the tools.

Finally, there is the grabber type wall hanger. These types of hangers use the force of gravity and friction to hold a tool in the air from the wall. The handle of the tool is inserted inside the grabber, and as the grabber is pulled down it “grabs” the tool handle tighter and tighter. This is perfect for shovels, rakes and other long handled yard tools.

Of course, there are a lot more options available as well for the tool wall. Each of the accessories is unique in its own way. Having a collection of all of these types of accessories can make organizing much easier.

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