A View Tips for Hiring an Injury Attorney in North Stonington, CT

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Law Services

If you received an injury because of the negligence of somebody else and you aren’t getting the proper compensation or you’re simply getting the runaround by the responsible parties or their insurance companies, you may want to consider consulting with an Injury Attorney in North Stonington, CT. If your situation is dire enough, you may need to hire an attorney to represent you and there’s a few things that you need to be concerned about before hiring an injury or accident attorney.

The first thing you want to do is ensure that this is exactly what you need. A bit of runaround between you and the insurance company responsible for your compensation isn’t anything unusual. It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t necessarily rise to the level of legal action in most cases. In addition, you need to make sure you choose the right injury attorney. There are many attorneys to choose from and fortunately, with injury attorneys, you can usually receive a free consultation. This gives you a chance to try out various attorneys to see which one you feel most comfortable with without having to pay any money.

However, as it relates to money you need to be very clear about how much a particular Injury Attorney in North Stonington, CT is going to charge for their services. Often times when you hear about attorneys working on a contingency basis, people automatically think that these attorneys work for free. Unless the case is taken pro bono, the attorneys working on a contingency basis are not completely free. The contingency is a percentage of money that you win or are awarded through the courts in a lawsuit. If you don’t win, you’re attorney doesn’t receive a contingency fee. However, their costs are billable to you as the client. That’s why you need to understand how much they charge, how they charge you, whether it’s a flat fee or by the hour and then you’ll need to decide whether you can afford the attorney’s services are not.

There many other things outside of these to think about when hiring an accident or injury attorney. But if you find yourself in a situation where the insurance company is simply ignoring you or they’re offering you a level of compensation that isn’t nearly what you deserve considering all the hardships you’ve suffered after an accident that wasn’t your fault, an attorney can help.
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