A Useful Guide to Choosing Law Firms

A Useful Guide to Choosing Law Firms

Some people may be intimidated at the thought of engaging the services of a lawyer. Law firms are sometimes portrayed as huge, impersonal, corporate beasts with no interest at all in the personal feelings of their client, and instead are focused solely on the huge payment they will receive once they’ve won their case.

It may be a relief, then, to know that the majority of law firms are not like that at all, and the average man in the street can always find a lawyer big enough to do the job, but small enough to care about him personally.

Law firms can range in size from sole practitioners to offices with literally thousands of lawyers. Here are some practical guidelines to help you find the kind of lawyer you need:

Sole Practitioners
As the name implies, this is when an individual lawyer sets up his or her own practice. Sole practitioners make up the largest group of practicing lawyers, and are an excellent option if you have a limited budget – depending, of course, on the nature of your problem.

Benefits of hiring a sole practitioner include:
* A personal, one-to-one relationship with your lawyer. They will know your face and your case, and you will not just be another file on a pile!
* Lower fees – in most cases, because they have far fewer overheads than bigger firms, sole practitioners are less expensive than lawyers from bigger firms.
* Will take on smaller cases that are not cost effective for a big firm.

Small Law Office
This is a law office with between two and 10 lawyers. Benefits of working with them include:
* A wider pool of experience and skills.
* Being able to handle cases too complex for a sole practitioner.
* Lawyers can work together on difficult cases.

Mid-Size Law Office
This is a firm of between 10 and 50 lawyers, and benefits include:
* Able to address most legal needs and offer effective representation in all major areas.
* More than likely started off small, but grew due to a formidable reputation. This creates respect amongst other firms and can intimidate a less reputable opposing firm.
* Able to stay personal but have the size and legal resources to tackle the big companies.
* Knowing people who know people. Contacts are a huge asset in any law firm, and in most cases, the bigger the firm, the more contacts they have.

Large Law Office
This firm has upwards of 50 lawyers and benefits include:
* Can devote legal resources and knowledge to tackling large and complicated cases.
* Can afford to hire lawyers from the best law schools.
* Big enough to take on clients such as governments, public companies and other large organizations.
* Often have more than one office in different cities, states or even countries.

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