A Superb Grip on a Baseball Equals a Perfect Pitch

A Superb Grip on a Baseball Equals a Perfect Pitch

America’s beloved pastime is baseball. More families go outside to toss a ball back and forth, and kids start playing baseball as early as five years of age. Learning to pitch and playing baseball is an activity that can be enjoyed all over the world. For those that are serious about playing the game, learning how to grip a baseball will help them throw it for maximum effect.

Begin by Choosing a Grip

There is more than just one way to grip a baseball. It is important to know about the different types of grips and how they can affect a baseball game. It is important to keep the ball in your glove while learning to grip a baseball. Every grip is going to be determined by the amount of seams on the baseball, as well. It is imperative to make sure you have a good grip on the ball before you put it into motion.

The Four and Two – Seam Baseball Grips

The four seam fastball is one of the fastest pitches in baseball which averages around 95 mph. To grip a baseball for a four-seam fastball, your fingers need to be spread slightly with the tips just barely upon the laces of the baseball. The two-seam fastball is less accurate and a little slower than a baseball gripped like the four-seam. It curves upon reaching the batter and makes it harder to come in contact with, however. The grip for this ball pertains to holding it at the seams with your middle and index fingers.

The Changeup, Curveball and Slider Baseball Grips

The changeup grip moves a lot while in the air. To achieve this grip, align your index finger and thumb in a circle and then place your other three fingers at the center of the ball. The curveball is the exact opposite of the fastball. Your grip should consist of your index and middle fingers along the far side. When you choose to try throwing a slider ball, grip with your middle and index fingers along the seam at the widest point. This grip will help you throw what seems to be a fastball until it curves at the last second.

Pitch Harder gives you all of the information you need about baseball pitch grips. You can learn how to improve your baseball grip and improve your game with simple and easy to follow techniques.

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