A Quick Guide to Flood Insurance

by | Jun 8, 2012 | Insurance

One of the most unfortunate truths that people in need of Texas home insurance must face is that disaster can strike at any given moment. Sadly, buying a simple home insurance plan isn’t always enough if your goal is to defend your home against any catastrophes that might potentially take place. For example, the vast majority of Texas home insurance plans offer coverage for things like fire damage, while flood insurance isn’t given nearly as much attention as it perhaps should. In order to avoid losing unnecessary amounts of money in the event of a flood, you should try to locate a Texas home insurance policy that offers such coverage at an affordable price.

In many ways, it seems strange to consider that flood insurance isn’t included in the same standard Texas home insurance plans that Texas residents typically have. There are quite a few potential cases in which you’re far likelier to experience flood damage than fire damage, for example, so it’s certainly not as if flood insurance is a lesser priority in any way. Even those who live in low-to-moderate risk areas stand enough of a chance of falling victim to the disastrous effects of a flood, and statistics indicate that as many as one-fourth of all flood losses take place in low-to-moderate risk locations.

Houston residents are especially susceptible to flood damage. Houston is situated in an area that often catches the brunt of annual hurricanes, and violent storms often happen with a bit of regularity. To make matters worse, there’s no shortage of water that can make floods even worse for people living in this part of Texas. Houston’s elevation is rather close to sea level, and there are a multitude of waterways permeating the city; drainage canals and rivers move through Houston, making for a significant amount of water that could warrant a more comprehensive Texas home insurance plan for any resident.

Naturally, when including flood insurance in your Texas home insurance policy, you’ll want to think about the amount of money that you’ll have to pay. Flood insurance premiums in Texas vary depending on several different factors, and you’ll have to take each into consideration when shopping for coverage. For example, one of the things that will come into play when your insurance premium is being decided will be when your home was built. The size of the property will also be a significant factor, as well, because the number of floors your home has will affect the premium, too. Other things you’ll need to discuss with your insurance agent when evaluating your Texas home insurance policy options include your property’s elevation, as well as how its contents are arranged.

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