A Perfect Smile Starts with a Topeka, KS. Dentist

Do you want to have a perfect smile?

The highly qualified dental surgeons and nurses at your Topeka, KS. dentist are experts in using modern technology to meet your dental needs. All our staff members are friendly and will make sure that your visit is as painless as possible, both physically and on your wallet. We will work to make your time with us as relaxed as possible and we will strive to leave you feeling that your time with us was well spent.

Our low-cost cosmetic dentistry will allow you leave with a brilliant white smile and still have money in your pocket. A great smile improves your whole persona and changes how you feel about yourself, making your smile bigger and brighter when you walk out the door of the dentist. Cosmetic dentistry includes work on porcelain crowns, veneers, contouring & bonding, bridgework, white fillings, gum reshaping, and whitening your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a natural colored ultra-thin layer bonded to the front of your teeth. Famous stars are using veneers to maintain their perfect smiles on screen. Veneers can cover small gaps and hide small stains on your teeth. Veneers can be used as an alternative to braces if patients only need to move their teeth slightly. The professional dentists in Topeka, KS are masters at this technique.

To clean up little chips or close small gaps between teeth we use a quick and easy process called contouring and bonding.

Contouring involves using a fine diamond drill to shave a thin coat of enamel from protruding surfaces. If this process does not have the desired effect we can bond an enamel like substance onto the surface of a tooth in much the same manner as a veneer. Together these processes can give the impression of a perfectly aligned smile. A dentist manufactures smiles that you can be proud of.

Do you have a tooth that needs a filling, but don’t want to use those nasty amalgam silver fillings anymore? Then modern white fillings are for you. The big advantages of having white fillings are; they do not contain mercury, they are color matched to the tooth you are having filled which means that in most cases they are invisible, and the fillings are made using a non-toxic resin or porcelain.

Gum shaping is a laser treatment that straightens uneven gums.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is very popular with customers who have healthy teeth but who need to remove unwanted stains or who want to brighten their smile. It is a simple process that is completed in just 1 hour.

Dentists in Topeka, KS. can help you with a smile makeover, better oral care by using the latest in cosmetic, aesthetic, and esthetic dental assistance. Check out website for more information.

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