A Local Veterinary Practice that Offers Compassionate & Skilled Pet Care

Our pets become a part of our own families. As such, they should be given the same consideration as far as healthcare. Every pet type will have different healthcare needs that should be handled by an experienced veterinary practice that includes compassionate and skilled staff members. There is a wonderful and caring veterinary hospital near Logan Square that every pet owner seeking a top-quality veterinarian practice should fully investigate. This pet hospital offers both routine and emergency care, and this animal hospital also offers convenient preventative vaccines and treatments like flea and tick repellent products and so much more.

All prospective pet patients and their owners are welcome to drop in for a tour of the lovely and clean facilities. This hospital is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and office technologies to make your pet care experience a better and more satisfactory one. A quick look around gives new visitors a revealing peek into this impressive and compassionate veterinary hospital near the Logan Square neighborhood. For busy and/or working pet owners, they can browse through the easy-to-navigate virtual tour option located on the company website anytime 24/7. It’s clear why so many area pet owners choose this vet practice.

Along with award-winning care and high-tech equipment, this easy-to-find veterinary hospital also offers a warm and relaxing environment for both pets and waiting owners. All of the staff members are truly devoted to providing the best care possible to all of their many cherished pets that become part of their extended family. Connect with Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic online via https://www.portagepark.com. Phone the vet hospital direct to make your first free complimentary visit appointment. Find out why pets prefer coming to this calming practice that puts pet’s needs first.

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