A Laundromat Cart Can Make All the Difference

A Laundromat Cart Can Make All the Difference

There are many ways to attract customers to your laundromat. Offering convenient amenities helps you stand out and keeps people coming back for more business. One easy and affordable way to draw people in is by purchasing a laundromat cart or two to make moving wet clothes and folding dry ones easier to do.

How Much Should You Spend on a Laundromat Cart?

If you purchase all your goods through a dealer, you aren’t going to find many deals on equipment. This is as true for your basic laundry cart as it is for heavy-load dryers. Equipment dealers make money when you spend more than the base price so there is little to no motivation to pass savings onto you.

Finding a reliable, high-quality source of laundromat supplies online is an easy way of improving your business without going broke. These types of vendors buy in bulk and create competition by lowering their prices. They make money specifically by cutting prices. In this type of environment, a quality laundromat cart should cost well under $100.

Why Do Customers Like Laundry Carts?

People who ask this question haven’t been doing serious laundry away from home. For a family with several children and only one day to handle clothes washing, a trip to the laundromat can consist of a dozen loads or more. The stooping and scooping not only gets tedious but starts to hurt your back after a while.

It can also be a hassle moving clothing from one machine to another. Washing machines and dryers can’t always be placed next to one another and moving wet clothes can be heavy and create a mess. Using a laundry cart allows you to quickly and easily move clothes from one machine to another without problems. Not only does it make the experience less stressful, it provides protection from unnecessary slips and spills.

Many laundry carts also have a bar going across the top that allows for the use of hangers. Not every piece of clothing should be folded. Clients who don’t want to spend extra time at home ironing creases out generally appreciate having this option available.

Some laundromats are little more than haunted houses set up on the fly in shoddy commerce centers. People go because their locations are convenient. People who live nearby may feel like they have no choice in where they go to wash clothes and consequently, don’t take care of the premises. If you can become the other kind of washing center, the type that offers conveniences like laundromat carts, your customers will care enough to come back time and again and to keep the place picked up.

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