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Louisville has a thriving lawn care industry. From homeowners to businesses, from private estates to commercial properties, there are a variety of professionals who can help you maintain your lawns and gardens. Whether you need regular maintenance or just one-time service, the right professional can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your lawn looking its best.

Let’s look at some of the most popular lawn care services in Louisville, KY.

Mowing and Trimming Services

Mowing is an important part of basic lawn care that helps promote healthy grass growth and discourage weed growth. It also keeps your lawn looking neat and tidy. A professional lawn care company typically includes trimming around hardscapes such as driveways and walkways as well as edging sidewalks and curbs for a clean finish.

Many companies also offer mulching services which can provide additional nutrients to your soil while helping control weeds.

Fertilization Services

Regular fertilization is essential for keeping your lawn healthy and green year-round. Professional lawn care services in Louisville, KY, offer various types of fertilizer treatments tailored to different turf types that can help ensure optimal results from each application.

Fertilizer treatments are typically done on a seasonal basis or as needed depending on the type of turf you have installed on your property.

Weed Control Services

Weeds can quickly take over any lawn if they’re not properly managed. Thankfully, there are many weed control services available in Louisville that can help keep your property free from unsightly weeds while promoting healthy grass growth at the same time.

Weed control often involves pre-emergent herbicides applied directly to the soil before weeds start sprouting up as well as spot treatments for weeds already growing on your property.

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