A Great Idea for Your Wedding: The Custom Chocolate Bar

A Great Idea for Your Wedding: The Custom Chocolate Bar

Anyone who has ever tried planning their wedding or helped a friend plan their wedding knows how stressful every single detail can be. There is the dress, the flowers, the venue, and the invitations. There are probably a lot of guests on your guest list you still need to get addresses from, and after that, there is still food and music. It is a lot to deal with! You are also most likely dealing with family members that you might usually avoid or putting a lot of work into continuing to avoid them. A lot of it takes much more leg work and concentrated attention that most people think. On top of it all, you have to make sure that you can be relaxed enough to enjoy yourself on your special day. After all of that stressful and detailed planning, you have suddenly realized that you forgot to get any kind of favors for all of your guests.

You could stay up all night, wrapping breath mints in cellophane and trying to figure out how to curl ribbon with scissors like they do at the florist so you can make it the least bit festive. You could always take up your cousin’s offer to make you a custom chocolate bar for each guest with her new craft store custom chocolate bar making kit. She has never tried it before, but it is too late to do anything else, right? And with everything else you have to do, putting any kind of effort into the favors may seem more than you can bear. Do not resign yourself to that too quickly. You can have a charming, enjoyable, special favor for all of your guests with none of the terrible stress and overwhelming work that either of your other two plans might involve.

A great idea for favors for your guests is the custom chocolate bar. You can get anything you want imprinted on both the bar and the wrapper. You can have your and your beloved’s faces on them or an emblem of the theme of the wedding. You can even have some custom chocolate bars with a little message saying thank you or with another inspirational message. They are a great way of expressing your affection and gratitude to your guests while preserving the patience that the rest of the planning has worn thin. You will love them.

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