A Few Pointers When Selling Junk Cars

A Few Pointers When Selling Junk Cars

If you want cash for junk cars in Fort Worth, selling it to a company that pays for junk cars is a good option. Auto salvage yards sell the parts off the junk cars to others who wish to buy them, including auto mechanics who have been instructed by the owners to use salvaged parts if possible when repairing their car. It is for this reason that these companies pay you for your car in the first place. Before you sell your car to a salvage yard, there are a few things to do which will ensure you get the maximum amount of cash for junk cars in Fort Worth.


Make sure you have the title to the car. Junk yards and salvage yards cannot legally buy the car from anyone other than the registered owner. If the car is not yet in your name, get the title transferred before you try to sell it.

Determine the value:

If the vehicle is reasonably new but has incurred damage, assess the damage and get the Blur Book value of the car. When you begin looking for a buyer, make sure you have as much information about the car as possible, including a complete description of the damage, including photos. If the car does not run, can it be made to run with minor repairs? It may be in your best interest to consider making minor repairs to make the car roadworthy. When the object is to get cash for junk cars in Fort Worth, a car that runs is always worth more than one that doesn’t, furthermore, most salvage yards charge you to pick the car up.

Get the prices:

Call all the scrap yards in the area, if you live in a metropolitan area, call the scrap yards in neighboring cities as well. The prices can be substantially different city to city and yard to yard. There are some scrap yards that pay nothing for a junk car if they have to pick it up; there are others that will pay a good price once they know the make, model and the extent of the damage.

Deliver the car:

If the car drives on its own, this is good news as any car that drives in will fetch a better price. However, if it has to be towed, do it yourself. If you want cash for junk cars Fort Worth area on the spot, make sure you have the title with you.

Lemon laws:

When you sell the car to a scrap yard the lemon laws do not apply as the car is destined for scrap and recycling. However, if you sell the car to a consumer, there are laws that you must abide by. These laws are for the protection of the consumer. They are not much of an issue but you should be aware of them.

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