A DUI Lawyer In Norwich CT Can Be Your Best Friend

A DUI Lawyer In Norwich CT Can Be Your Best Friend

When a police officer pulls you over, the situation can be something simple or it could turn out to be something very serious. For example, if you are pulled over because you had a tail light out and the officer believes they smell alcohol on your breath, it is very likely that you will be sited for DUI (Driving under the influence). This can be very serious and you will need a DUI Lawyer to protect your rights.

How many times have you heard of someone just having a bit of wine with dinner, getting pulled over and given a DUI ticket? Your DUI Lawyer in Norwich, CT will find out if there was a breath test taken on the spot and what the exact results were. They will check to see if you were arrested and a blood or urine test given and exactly what those results were. If any of those tests were taken, your DUI lawyer will go about checking when the last time the test equipment was calibrated or how long after you were arrested that you were tested.

There can be some very serious consequences from a DUI arrest or ticket and you will want someone on your side that has experience in dealing with the system. If you get on the internet and, you will find the web site of a DUI lawyer. On the site you will see how much experience that law office has in working with clients that have received a DUI ticket or have been arrested for DUI. It will show you some of your options that can save your license and perhaps keep you out of jail.

Never be so naive as to try to deal with a DUI arrest or ticket on your own. Just as soon as you can, get a DUI lawyer working on your behalf. Your lawyer can even help your family to get you released on bail. Your lawyer may find that the breath tester is defective or that your blood or urine test may have been contaminated. Your lawyer will know just what needs to be done to help you.

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