A Dentist in California MD Provides Advice on Treating Gum Disease in Children and Preventing Future Problems

Gum disease, medically known as periodontal disease, can occur in children as well as adults. Periodontal refers to the tissue around a tooth. Many adults never imagine that a child or a teenager could develop gum disease since it seems like a problem of middle-aged and senior men and women. A dentist in California MD can provide guidelines to the family so the issue can be resolved and prevented in the future.

About Plaque

Plaque buildup on teeth after eating, along with not brushing and flossing often enough, are the main causes of gum disease in all age groups. Plaque is a sticky film that gradually develops after eating foods and eating beverages. The numbers may seem shocking, but about half of all U.S. residents have some level of gum disease, according to the centers for disease control.

Gingivitis: A Mild Form of Gum Disease

Because younger individuals typically have had the problem for a relatively short time, they usually have a mild form of the disease. This milder type is known as gingivitis. It is characterized by inflammation of the gums, making them look redder than normal and, sometimes, the tissue gets a bit puffy. Brushing and flossing can cause bleeding.

Treatment and Prevention

A dentist in California MD advises the patients and their parents about how to effectively treat and prevent gingivitis. After removal of tartar by a dental hygienist or the dentist, regular brushing and flossing at home will allow the gum tissue to heal. Plaque now is regularly brushed away before it can turn into hard tartar. Because periodontal disease is a bacterial infection, using antibacterial mouthwash may be advisable.

Kids can also be more careful about what they eat and drink. Sugary soda is a big culprit in both tooth decay, and so are sweet foods. Bacteria in plaque react with sugar, producing acid that causes tooth decay.

Seeing a dentist at least once a year also is important, as during the professional teeth cleaning, tartar is scraped away. That tartar is irritating to the gums and causes inflammation, click here to learn about this.

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