A De Pere, WI Eye Exam is About More Than Your Eyes

A De Pere, WI Eye Exam is About More Than Your Eyes

Considering all of the important health information that can be gathered from it, we may need to come up with a new term for “eye exam.” With all of the technological advances in optometry, your eye doctor can check not only your vision, but your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and determine if you may be in the early stages of diabetes. This is, of course, in addition to screening you for cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Because of this, even a standard De Pere, WI eye exam may benefit a lot more than just your eyes.

Primary eye care examinations take into account your internal and external eye health through a thorough inspection. They will also check your visual acuity and depth perception. At the same time you will have your color vision checked as well as your visual field. State-of-the-art examination instruments are used in order to provide a comprehensive picture of your overall eye health, but that doesn’t mean that the personal touch has been replaced.

Having a complete and thorough eye exam performed every one to two years is recommended. One of the reasons for this is that eye diseases can be very insidious; they may not display symptoms until some level of damage has already been done, so catching them in the very earliest stages is crucial to controlling or even curing them. Starting young is definitely encouraged to give your children the best shot at dealing with any visual issues before they become serious. Pediatric vision care is a great start.

Regular eye exams for your children can be important because of the effect their vision may have on their performance in school. With almost a quarter of students in grades Kindergarten through sixth reporting vision-related problems that can adversely affect their education, these exams become even more critical.

At the conclusion of your exam, the optometrist will hand you a corrective prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. At that point you will have a wide variety of eyewear to select from. All shapes, styles, and colors of frames are waiting for you so that you can choose the ones that complement your face and make you feel most comfortable.

A regular, thorough eye exam just takes a few minutes of your time, but it can pay dividends in your overall health and can add to your day to day enjoyment of all that surrounds you.

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