A Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockville Centre, NY, and Felony Littering

It may seem crazy to some people that littering could ever be a felony. Sure, someone who leaves a pile of empty bottles after partying in a park might deserve a fine. The same goes for someone who dumps a few bags of trash along the roadside. These aren’t the types of incidents that lead to felony charges, though. When someone has been arrested for felony littering, this person needs a criminal defense attorney in Rockville Centre, NY, to prevent the worst consequences.

Felony Littering

Legislators and the courts impose steep fines on certain kinds of littering even though the offense is a misdemeanor. Felony littering is connected with the kinds of materials people have dumped or the sheer weight and amount of the trash.

Dumping medical waste may result in a felony charge, for example. This might be a large bag of used syringes, even if it turns out those devices were simply used to inject insulin for a diabetic dog. People know they aren’t supposed to throw syringes in the garbage for municipal pickup, but they don’t want the hassle of figuring out where to dispose of them properly. It’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney in Rockville Centre, NY, for legal representation.

Effective Defense

Defense lawyers may convince the prosecution to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. A judge might be convinced to dismiss the case or to be lenient if the defendant is found guilty. If you need legal representation for this type of offense, contact simonandmilner.com after reading about the firm at https://www.simonandmilner.com/.

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