A Cosmetic Dentist in Commack Can Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

A Cosmetic Dentist in Commack Can Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

We put a lot of value on an individual’s smile. After all, it can help determine that all-important first impression. Sadly, a lot of us are not born with movie star perfect teeth, so we may not be as quick to share our smiles as others. Teeth that are chipped, broken, discolored, or misaligned can make us feel very self-conscious about our appearance. If that feeling gets too overwhelming, we do have options and the most important one is contacting an experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Commack for an assessment of our situation and an explanation of what they can do for us.

Cosmetic dentistry is a fast-evolving branch of dentistry, thanks to evolving technologies, tools, and materials. It can encompass whitening, bonding, veneers, and implants, and the difference these can make is amazing. Tooth-colored fillings, bridges, and dentures can also help give a more attractive and natural-looking smile. Your Cosmetic Dentist in Commack will work with you to determine which of these procedures, or combinations of procedures will give you the smile you’re been hoping for, and what is entailed in each method.

There are many whitening systems available to your dentist, but the ZOOM 2 system is the state-of-the-art standard right now. It involves using a hydrogen peroxide based gel to whiten your teeth, which is made even more effective through the use of a special light. This system will give you brighter, healthier looking teeth than you could achieve with any over-the-counter products, and the whole procedure can take just over an hour. That’s time well-spent.

Because of the ease with which they can be applied and the difference they can make in a person’s appearance, veneers are becoming very popular. With this procedure, an extremely thin sheet of material is secured to a tooth in order to give it the appearance of a normal, healthy tooth. This can also correct any chipped or ragged edges as well as help give a more consistent look to your teeth.

Implants can take months to install properly, but for your time, you’ll receive teeth that are almost indistinguishable from your real teeth, and which are a permanent addition to your smile. This procedure is one of the most invasive, but you’ll love the final results.

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