A Car Can Look Like New With Car Detailing in Miami

Wear and tear on a car happens both inside and out. Sending it through the car wash each week makes a car look new on the outside, but the inside needs the same care. Car detailing in Miami can detail a car, so it looks like new again. All of the road dirt from the windows being down, spilled coffee, and last year’s on-the-go ketchup and mustard stains can be removed from the interior. Does the sand from the beach vacation really look good on the carpet?

Detailing is not just about washing a car. It can involve:

  • Bug, tar, and sap removal.
  • Door jams thoroughly cleaned.
  • Seals on doors and trunk protected.
  • Vacuuming of the entire car, including under the seats.
  • Steam clean and shampoo carpets, mats, and cloth seats.
  • Cleaning the headliner.
  • Dressing the plastic and vinyl inside of the car.
  • And many other services.

Regularly washing a car in a car wash can help to keep the road dirt and grime from a car. Hand washing and drying does a much better cleaning job. Waxing is important to maintain the finish on a car. Although newer cars have a clear coat over the paint, this clear coat can become scratched and leave a car less than looking clean. Polishing helps to remove oxidation on the clear coat or paint and removes minor scratches.

In addition to waxing, the door seals should be conditioned to prevent the heat, dirt, and other environmental factors from drying and cracking them. Leather seats can be deep cleaned and conditioned when Car Detailing in Miami is being performed. The cleaner that is used is safe and contains a conditioner to protect the seats while restoring natural oils that were in the leather when the car was purchased.

Thorough cleaning and detailing of a car looks great and smells even better. Musty smells from dampness and deeply-embedded dirt in carpets and seats can be extracted. Spots and stains will disappear, and the car will appear like new again. Protecting the investment that was made in purchasing the car is important for resale value. For more information on car detailing, please feel free to click here.

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