5 Tips on Buying and Breaking in Red Wing Kicks

You’ve finally picked out your first pair of boots from a well-known brand. But the work doesn’t end just because you’ve shopped and found the perfect pair of Red Wing shoes for Men’s in Boston MA. That’s only the beginning. Once the pair arrives, you’ll need to learn how to break it in.

Tough to break in

Red Wing shoes have a reputation—and it’s one that’s been well-deserved for decades: they’re pretty tough to break in. Expert tips and advice on how to pull this off will serve you well.

Start with fit

Yes, comfort is a must. But when you’re shopping for Red Wing shoes for Men’s in Boston MA, you may want to go with a smaller size. That’s going to allow the leather to mold to your feet properly, Ask Men says. Be prepared for a tight fit, however, especially during the break-in period.

Consider bigger size

If you go for a bigger size, then that’s going to give you a comfortable fit during the break-in period. However, the fit isn’t going to be ideal in the long term. Also, bigger boots tend to look like clown shoes, and that’s the last impression you want others to get whenever they see you wearing that pair of kicks.

Watch out for pain

How tight is tight? While going for a smaller size can be ideal, don’t go too small that the shoes feel much too narrow or tight. If wearing the boots leaves you in pain, then that means you ended up with the wrong fit.

Pick what you love

You’re going to be with these boots for a long time. It’s important to pick a style you love, one that’s going to meet your needs. If you love spending time outdoors or are often found indoors, the factor that in before you pick a pair.

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