5 Questions Clients Must Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer

Clarendon Hills real estate lawyers protect the rights of homeowners, renters, and investors. From complex legal matters to simply looking over property contracts, real estate lawyers helps their clients secure great deals and offer many other protections. Whether one is a homeowner or an investor, here are some questions to ask before hiring a real estate lawyer.

What Are The Attorney’s Qualifications?

While all attorneys have a general knowledge of the law, all lawyers specialize. There are trial lawyers, family law attorneys, will and trust attorneys, etc. When dealing with property matters, only a lawyer who specializes in real estate law should be considered. Hiring an attorney who doesn’t have experience with real estate matters such as zoning laws, contracts, and titles, won’t offer the protection clients need.

Has The Attorney Worked With Investors?

This question is important for property investors. Property investments often involve issues such as short sales and foreclosures. These are time-consuming and complicated procedures that require attention to deadlines and tough negotiation skills. Investors should always have a lawyer to represent them and look over contracts, but they need to make sure it’s the right type of lawyer with the right expertise.

Is The Attorney Available?

Many real estate matters deal with time-sensitive matters. The attorney one hires needs to have the availability to respond quickly to questions. Most real estate lawyers have several clients at once time and rely on their legal staff to help them handle phone calls and file paperwork. When hiring an attorney, ask them how fast they return calls and what the procedures are to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

What Is The Fee Schedule?

Attorneys aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean one has to pay a fortune for great representation. Often people end up paying more than they wanted to because they didn’t talk money when they signed the retainer or contract. The last thing anyone wants is to owe their lawyer money, so make sure to discuss financial matters upfront.

How Long Has The Attorney Practiced In The Area?

Real estate lawyers need to know current zoning laws and other laws pertinent to the specific city or county where they practice. If the attorney recently moved into the area, this could be an issue. It’s recommended that people hire attorneys with years of experience working in the local community to ensure the best representation.

How to Hire An Attorney

Now that one has their questions ready, it’s time to begin the hiring process. To begin, call a local attorney and set up a consultation. For those short on time or unable to come into the office, many attorneys offer over-the-phone consultations. When speaking with an attorney for the first time, be clear about what services you need from them. Often, people have specific needs that guide them to pick up the phone and make that initial call.

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