5 Helpful Tips for Buying Used Trucks near Stuttgart AR

Every year, the cost of vehicles goes up, and a new pickup truck is a major investment. However, there are plenty of late-model used trucks at affordable prices, but it’s important to know what to look for when you shop for a good pickup. Here are five tips to help you get the best truck for your money.

1. Determine the Usage

Why do you want a pickup? Do you need something to drive back and forth to work every day? Maybe you want a vehicle to haul things, and you plan to work your truck hard. Do you own a boat or mobile home and need a truck for towing? If you want a daily driver, choose a small and fuel-efficient pickup. For hauling, buy a truck with a heavy-duty suspension, and for boats make sure your truck has a special towing package. For extra passengers, consider crew cab trucks.

2. Off-Road Used Trucks

Do you plan to take the truck off the beaten path? You’ll want four-wheel drive and a raised suspension. Check the tire treads on off-road trucks, before buying. If they are not in good condition, you’ll need to buy some new (and expensive) tires soon.

3. Warranty

When you buy a late-model truck, get the best warranty you can find. Some dealers offer a 100,000 mile (seven-year) power train warranty with your vehicle. They also give you a seven-day vehicle exchange option.

4. No Haggle Prices

If you don’t like bargaining back and forth when you shop for used trucks in Stuttgart AR, choose a dealer with no-haggle pricing policies. They show you the retail price and their price, which is sometimes thousands of dollars less than retail.

5. Choose a Full-Service Dealership

When you buy a truck, go with a dealer offering sales, financing, and vehicle service. This gives you a single source for all your trucking needs.

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