5 Common Mistakes With Home Inspections in Clearwater, FL

5 Common Mistakes With Home Inspections in Clearwater, FL

Having a home inspection done is an important requirement before selling or buying a house. A properly performed home inspection gives details about the integrity of the buildings structural components and affects the specifics of a purchase or sale. The following are five common mistakes that homeowners make with Home Inspections in Clearwater, FL.

1. Not Doing a Home Inspection – One of the biggest mistake homeowners make is opting out of having a home inspection done. In many cases, not undergoing a proper home inspection is very costly, as any underlying issue only become apparent after it is too late and the sale is already final. A home inspection done before signing any purchasing contracts, gives insight into the condition of the home along with any potential future problems that may arise.

2. Doing an Incomplete Inspection – Many buyers of brand new homes fail to have the property inspected thoroughly because of the fact that the building is new. In many cases there are issues lurking that will cause problems later on. Always have a building thoroughly inspected, even if it is a new construction.

3. Selecting the Wrong Inspector – Different inspection companies and inspection professionals focus on various types of properties and may not be deal for a home inspection. Always strive to find an inspector that specializes in the assessment of residential properties. Ask for recommendations if possible and always ask to see examples of past inspections done before employing a company.

4. Not Being Present During the Inspection – A homeowner or their representative should always be present during a home inspection. This makes it easier for you to ensure that the inspection is thorough and allows you to ask questions about any negatives that come up during the process.

5. Ignoring Recommendations – It is important to heed any recommendations outlined in the finished inspection report. Repair or improve any issues identified before buying or selling the home.

These are five of the most common mistakes with Home Inspections in Clearwater, FL. To avoid these costly mistakes, utilize the services of a professional home inspection company such as SEC Inspection Services. They quickly and thoroughly assess the condition of the home you want to buy or sell and give you the information you need to make decisions that are more informed.


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