4 Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

4 Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

Typically, holidays are the most popular time for family photography in NYC. However, this does not mean that you can’t end up with the perfect family photo any other time of year. It is often difficult to be satisfied with the family photos you end up with, but there are a few simple tips that can help you get the perfect family photo you desire.

Keep it Simple

While you may want to go overboard on trying to get the perfect shot, family photography in NYC can be much simpler. First of all, trying to get an elaborate photo takes way too much time and a lot more effort that you should put into it. It is a lot easier if you keep it simple. Sure, you can all put on the same color outfits, and bring the dog along, but keep your props limited. After all, you want the family to be the focus of the shot, not something else.

Use What You Have

As was mentioned in the first tip, coordinating outfits is a great way to get a great family photo. However, as the portraits are often costly, you want to minimize the outfit cost by using what you already have. For instance, if you’re planning on taking holiday photos, you likely already have your children’s outfits picked out, so try and you them for the family photography NYC area session.

Plan Ahead

If you do want to use any props, like an outdoor decorated Christmas tree – sticking with the holiday theme here – make sure you have it ready to go prior to the session date. Also, if you have an idea where you want to take the photos – if you’re doing this outside – make sure that location is still the same as when you last saw it. This is especially true of a public place, such as a park. Go a day in advance and make sure there aren’t any events going on, or that the tree you wanted photographed in front of hasn’t been cut down. If this is the case, make sure you scout a backup location as well.

Relax, They’re Just Kids

Don’t get too fussy about the way your kids are sitting, or their hands are positions. Some of the best family photography in NYC has been done in a very natural, be yourself, state. It is important that you try to keep the mood upbeat, especially if small kids are involved. They tend to get worn out quickly, so try and keep the pace moving as well. This will ensure happy faces in each of your photos.

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