4 Reasons to Have Flood Insurance

Just one inch of water from a flood can cause severe damage to your home and its contents. Though there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent flooding, you can take steps to help yourself. With flood insurance Nocatee, you’ll add another layer of protection in the event of a loss.

Flooding is America’s #1 Natural Disaster

According to FEMA, flooding is the most common natural disaster in this country. 20% of flood-related claims are filed by those in low- to moderate-risk areas. Flooding doesn’t just damage your belongings; it affects the family’s financial security as well. No matter where you live, flood insurance is important.

Homeowners’ Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage

Submitting a claim for flood damage under a standard homeowners’ policy will result in denial. Because flood-related damage is specifically excluded, you’ll have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket unless you have flood insurance Nocatee. Call today to find out about your coverage options.

Federal Aid is Limited

Federal disaster help is only available in the event of a presidential disaster declaration. Even if you do receive such assistance, it typically comes in the form of a loan that has to be repaid. If there’s no disaster declaration and you don’t have flood insurance, you’ll have to pay for cleanup and repairs.

Protect Your Home and Family

With flood insurance, your covered losses will be reimbursed. As long as your area takes part in the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program), you’ll be able to buy coverage. Though policies typically take 30 days to take effect, there’s no waiting period if a mortgage lender requires flood coverage. Flood insurance Nocatee isn’t just a policy you buy; it’s an investment in your home and family’s future. To learn more about flood insurance options, call the office or visit us at https://thompsonbaker.com today.

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