3 Ways You Could Be Exposed to Diesel Exhaust

Diesel exhaust is not something a lot of people think about. That is, until they are diagnosed with cancer that was caused by exposure to exhaust. While you may think this type of problem could never happen to you, exposure to diesel exhaust is more common than you think. Here are three examples of how you could be at risk of exposure and the development of this type of cancer.

At Home

Where you live has a lot to do with how much exposure you may experience every day. Do you own a home along the main thoroughfare, like a major highway? Perhaps your property is located along the most direct route to an industrial park. Typically, the risk you have for exposure while at home is less than other settings, but there is still a chance of coming in contact with the exhaust enough to increase the potential for cancer.

At Work

Many work environments do involve exposure to diesel in some form. Factory workers may be exposed if forklifts are used on the production floor. Shipping and receiving personnel may be exposed while on loading docks. Toll booth workers, miners, and railroad personnel are also at risk. Even some farm workers could experience problems by being around diesel machinery each working day. That constant exposure increases the odds of developing diesel exhaust cancer.

During a Road Trip

Does your work take you on road trips frequently? Do you prefer to drive rather than flying or taking a train? You could be exposed to more diesel exhaust that you think. This is true even if you keep the windows up and run the air conditioner. With so many diesel-powered vehicles on the roads, you are at a greater risk of developing diesel exhaust cancer.

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