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Young Woman And Repairman With Bucket Collecting Water From Damaged Ceiling

Heavy storms that lead to flooding can cause a wide variety of damage to your office or home. Water damage can lead to mold growth and other health concerns if the damage goes untreated. Before you call professionals to provide you with water damage restoration in Overland Park, you can prepare the affected areas in the following ways.

Clear the Area
The first thing you should do is clear the area of furnishings and equipment. Anything that’s going to be in the way should be relocated to another room. If this includes items that were also exposed to flood water, move them to a warm, dry place with plenty of ventilation. This will help them dry faster.

Increase Ventilation
You should also increase ventilation and airflow in the affected areas to help dry the flooring faster. You can use your HVAC system in addition to portable fans in order to boost air circulation in the area. If you have windows in that part of the home or office, it can also help to open them.

Get Rid of Excess Water
If the area is still heavily flooded, you should try to remove the excess water. Use buckets to bail the water out of the home or office. If the flooding was caused by a plumbing issue, be sure to shut off water to the affected pipes. You should also shut off electricity to those areas to prevent shorts or electrocution. These steps will help you prepare for professionals who will take over the process of water damage restoration in Overland Park.

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