3 Things Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Support in Tampa, FL

Some people get spousal support after a divorce. This is a situation with a lot of factors involved, so your case is unique, and the court will look at your case as a unique case. Here are 3 things the courts consider when determining spousal support in Tampa FL.

  1. Finances

One of the main things the courts will look at are you and your ex’s finances. If one person has more expenses than income while someone else has extensive income, the courts could try to even it out to help the less fortunate party get back on their feet.

  1. Length of Marriage

Marriages these days don’t last very long. This will play a large part in the court’s decision. The longer the marriage, the more likely the court will order the person with more money to pay spousal support. Talk to your spousal support lawyer in Tampa, FL, about how long you’ve been in your marriage.

  1. Employment Opportunities

Some people simply don’t want to work. The courts will not allow for this. If someone is perfectly capable of getting a job or a better job, they may not qualify for spousal support since they have every ability to be self-sufficient.

  1. Infidelity

While it may not be against the law, it’s frowned upon for someone to cheat. The court certainly isn’t going to want to reward the person for their bad behavior.

Your spousal support lawyer in Tampa, FL, can look at your case and tell you what to expect in your case. They can also help you get the most favorable solution for you.

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