3 Reasons to Not Delay a Root Canal

When your dentist recommends that you have a root canal, don’t consider it something you can put off for any length of time. Choosing to have the root canal in Philadelphia PA will provide benefits that make a difference. If you need the incentive to schedule the procedure immediately, here are three reasons to consider.

Prevent the Infection From Spreading

The most common reason for doing a root canal is to deal with an infection that’s settled into the tooth pulp. Along with the decay, choosing to do nothing will only make things worse. Delay the procedure long enough, and the infection will spread. It may even lead to problems with the gums. Your best bet is to have the procedure now and prevent things from getting any worse.

Alleviate the Pain

Do you experience tooth pain? Even if it seems to come and go, you can expect it to get worse if you delay the root canal. The pain may get to the point that you have trouble sleeping or concentrating on important tasks. By choosing to have the procedure now, you stop the pain and will feel a lot better.

You Might Even Save the Tooth

Depending on how much decay and infection is present, it’s possible that having a root canal in Philadelphia PA sooner rather than later will save the tooth. Instead of going over the options for a bridge or implant, the focus is on making sure the decay is gone, and the infection is removed. That leaves receiving a filling and possibly a crown to restore the tooth’s appearance. That tooth will last for years, and no one will know it was ever damaged.

Is your dentist recommending a root canal? Take the recommendation seriously. Along with correcting a serious dental issue, you could be preventing several other issues from developing.

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