3 Options For Fighting A Ticket When You Hire A Traffic Attorney In Warrenton

3 Options For Fighting A Ticket When You Hire A Traffic Attorney In Warrenton

In Virginia, it is possible for drivers accused of moving violations to fight against these accusations. They should never bow out and just accept the punishment when it’s unwarranted. If you were accused of a traffic violation for which you are not guilty, you should hire a Traffic Attorney in Warrenton to initiate your rights in court.

Options For Fighting a Traffic Violation
1. Challenging a Subjective Conclusion: The location in which the officer was parked when he or she saw the alleged infraction. If the officer’s vehicle was situated in a location in which it was difficult to see the alleged violation clearly, it is unlikely that they could present an accurate account of your driving. Your Traffic Attorney in Warrenton could challenge the citation based on this inaccuracy. In these circumstances, you should provide facts to support your claim. For example, driving as few as five miles over the posted speed limit doesn’t constitute unsafe driving conditions.

2. Reasonable Doubt: Proving that the officer’s observation was inaccurate could require that you acquire witness testimony from bystanders. Obstructions that cover road signs such as stop or speed limit signs could present reasonable doubt. A Traffic Attorney in Warrenton who can present reasonable doubt effectively could win your case.
To make up this claim, you should acquire photographs that prove this fact. Your range of view is a prominent factor considered by the judge. Your height in proportion to your range of view could affect or hinder your ability to see these signs and should be a factor presented in your case.

3. Justified Actions: Sudden and unexpected medical conditions could lead to the need to switch lanes without notice. If you receive a citation due to chest pain or sudden nausea, you received this ticket unfairly. Your attorney can fight the ticket by presenting evidence of illness. Your actions in these instances are justified based on an attempt to prevent an accident in the event that you may lose control of the vehicle.

You should fight a traffic ticket that wasn’t justified. Even if it seems like the odds are stacked against you, it is urgent that you try. If you wish to make an attempt to have the ticket dismissed, you should hire a Traffic Attorney in Warrenton today.

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