3 Laundry Hacks to Avoid Dryer Repair in Woodland Hills

Do you dread sorting your laundry? What about folding it and putting it away? Most people would say yes, but there’s one thing people can get excited about: saving time and money with these easy laundry hacks. Not only will you benefit from these tips, but you can avoid maintenance fees and dryer repair in Woodland Hills.

Reduce Overall Drying Time

If saving money is the goal, using the machines less often and for less time will definitely reduce the energy bill. It can be tempting to run loads of laundry all the time, but try to limit laundry to certain days of the week.

Not to mention, there’s a secret hack: add a clean, dry, fluffy towel to your wet load in the dryer. The dry towel will help absorb excess moisture, improving the drying time significantly. Using the machine less will also reduce the times you’ll need dryer repair in Woodland Hills.

Dewrinkle Clothes in the Dryer

Some may call it lazy, while others would call it resourceful. If clothes get wrinkled because you left them sitting in the dryer too long, you don’t have to do another load. Simply add a damp cloth to the load to add a bit of moisture while quickly drying the clothes again.

Wash Shoes in the Washer, But Air Dry Them

To avoid dryer repair in Woodland Hills, avoid putting shoes in the dryer. It’s okay to wash them in the washing machine, but using the dryer can not only damage the shoes, but the machine itself.

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